Prostly Issue #11: Here’s To A New Year

Hello friends! As it's our first issue of the new year, all of us at Prostly want to wish everyone a happy 2018. May it be filled with family and friends, excellent conversations, fulfilling travel and incredible beer.

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Prostly Issue #10: The Cozy Pub Edition

Welcome beer drinkers to this month's edition of Prostly, where we're sharing stories and experiences from our beer-infused travels. It's our tenth issue (double digits!) and the second last of 2017 as the year rapidly comes to a close. For those…

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Oktoberfest Tents Guide

Prostly Issue #9: The Festival Issue

Welcome beer drinkers from far and wide to the latest edition of Prostly, a magazine that fuses our two greatest loves - beer and travel. As the title of our ninth issue implies, we're focused on beer festivals this month - and more specifically…

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2018 German Beer Festival Guide and Infographic

As travellers who love to drink (or is that drinkers who love to travel?), we’ve long thought of the German beer festival as the ultimate destination. Over the years as we’ve traversed Germany, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many of the…

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Prostly Issue #8: Beer Here, There, Everywhere

Grab a seat & pop open a beer as Prostly's eighth issue has dropped. As the summer winds down we're back to featuring beers, bars and breweries from around the globe that'll inspire you to explore the world around you. Whether that means jumping on…

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Prostly Issue #7: The #Canada150 Edition

Today, the day we release the seventh edition of Prostly, is a special one for us. Not only is it Canada Day, it's the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, when six provinces came together to form the Dominion of Canada. While Prostly…

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150 Breweries To Visit During #Canada150 [Infographic]

This year is Canada’s 150th and to help you mark the occasion we've put together a list of 150 breweries to visit in 2017. To whittle down the more than 700 breweries in Canada, the Prostly team and our community of beer enthusiasts shared some of…

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Talllinn Craft Beer Weekend

Prostly Issue #6: New Beer in the Old Country

Prostly's sixth edition is here, which means it's our half birthday. We'll forgive you if your gift is late, or if it doesn't ever arrive we'll assume that all the delicious beer our lovely readers have sent us has been confiscated at the border.…

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Vilnius Beer Guide Prohibicija

Prostly Issue #5: On the Edge of Tradition & Innovation

Well here we are again, now with our fifth edition of this passion project of ours called Prostly. In this month's issue, we're keen on highlighting the intricate balance between tradition and innovation in the ever evolving world of beer. The…

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Prostly Issue #4: Precedent Setting Brewers

Welcome to Prostly's fourth issue. This month we're excited to feature a few forward thinking brewers who are setting a new precedent for beer in their communities; some disrupting already crowded markets, and others, putting a stake in the ground…

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