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As long as there have been places renowned for their beer, there have been mildly intoxicated travellers willing to venture halfway around the world to seek them out. Belgium for their Trappists. Bavaria for their traditions and festivals. And more recently, Asheville for their…hipsters?

And while iconic beer destinations will remain iconic, today craft breweries are popping up in even the most remote corners of the planet, giving beer-loving travellers ever more options to explore when planning their next trip.

Since launching Prostly in 2016 to feature destinations around the world through their beers, bars, and breweries, we’ve had a chance to connect with some amazing beer-loving travellers and we’ve been following many more online. Because we’re convinced that beer is the next big travel trend, we wanted to make it easy to plug in and connect with a few people helping to build a “beer travel” / “beer nomad” / “beercation” culture. Here are 15 of our favourite beer travellers you should follow on Instagram.

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