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The craft beer scene in the southern Korean city of Gwangju is growing rapidly, thanks in large part to beer aficionado Timi, who owns a beer (mekju) bar named Timi Triangle: a Sandwich & Craft Beer bar.

Timi’s love of craft beer has brought about a change of scenery in the city, where once it was nearly impossible to find unique international beers. And that change has been welcomed in Gwangju.

Located in the city’s bustling downtown area, Timi’s bar was one of the first in Gwangju focus on craft beer. It has since become a haven for beer lovers and a staple of an emerging South Korean craft beer scene. With an ever-changing bottle rotation based on seasonal favorites along with more than a few selections on draft, Timi offers styles for every beer lover.

Trends change really fast in Korea — everything turns over really quickly, buildings turn over really quickly, and taste turns over really quickly. As soon as [craft beer] hit, everyone was really excited.

Whatever beer you want, you’re bound to find it at the Triangle. And since he’s a fan of Weizen, IPA and Pale Ale, you’re bound to find something you’ll enjoy.

In our short video two Gwangju locals, Sean and Yeoul, reflect on the growing popularity of Timi’s bar in Gwangju and the evolution of craft beer in Korea.

Timi is one of the pioneers of craft beer in Korea.

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