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Hola Chicos! We’re showcasing and celebrating the beers of Mexico in our latest issue of Prostly. Craft beer has become a phenomenon in this large and diverse country, like with much of the world. But Mexico is a bit of a unique case. Major global beer conglomerates like Grupo Modelo who owns Corona, Victoria, and Modelo (and is itself owned by AB InBev) control the network and resources, making it difficult for independent brewers to access the market and brew cost effectively. It’s your classic David and Goliath story.

Craft beer is a relatively new thing in Mexico. Though a handful of microbreweries in Mexico City have been around over a decade, most of the activity has been since 2014. And although the percentage of craft beer consumption in Mexico hovers around 1% of all beer consumed, independent microbreweries in Mexico like Tijuana’s Cervecería Insurgente, Oaxaca’s Consejo Cervecero, and Colima’s Cervecería de Colima (and hundreds of others) continue to expand the market of craft beer in Mexico. Not by leaps and bounds but by small steps instead.

All that aside, the craft beer scene in Mexico is exhilarating. It’s driven by passion and growing creativity as brewers look past what global players are doing and focus on developing their own unique styles while experimenting with local flavours. Every trip we take to Mexico offers new breweries to visit, beers to sample, and ultimately a glance into a craft beer culture that’s still evolving.

Let’s start at the beginning with a look at the beer scene in Mexico. It’s an article we published last year that takes an objective look at the beer industry in Mexico from huge corporate giants to small independent craft brewers. It’s a traveling beer drinker’s path to Mexican beer over a month long trip across the country.

Although there are thousands of places to drink in Mexico City, it can be difficult to find quality craft beer. We’ve put together a list of all the local breweries, the top beer bars and restaurants, and thrown in a couple of bottle shops that you shouldn’t miss when visiting this world class city. We’ve also given you a map so that you can embark on your own craft beer crawl of Mexico City.

Moving south to the Pacific coast, we have an interview with the owner and head brewer of Biercito in the Oaxacan beach town of Puerto Escondido. Not being able to find any quality beer in this small beach town, German expat Alex began brewing his own. Read all about the origins of Biercito and why Puerto Escondido, though lovely, is far from the ideal brewing location.

Next we’re in ‘hip city of the moment’ Oaxaca where we’re sampling the cerveza artesanal, alongside the obligatory shot of mezcal. The city already has so much going for it with top notch dining and an engaging arts scene, but the presence of four craft breweries puts it over the top. Check out our Oaxaca craft beer guide for more!

Wrapping up, we’re giving a virtual cheers to the best travel and beer instagrammers. So grab your phone, follow these beer travelers, and fuel your boozy wanderlust.

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