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Prostly’s third issue is here, just in time to distract you from the depressing things that are actually happening in the world. Also it’s February, debated by nobody (in most of the Northern Hemisphere at least) as the most depressing month of the year – though Australia, you’ve had a tough one and can join in on the angst if you want.

If you’re like most of us at Prostly, your favorite beers have helped you through the short days and cold weather. Or if you’re like our Vietnam-based writer Madeline, who’s exploring the warm and burgeoning beer scene of southeast Asia, then fuck off. Kidding! The Vitamin D deficiency is getting to us.

Let’s digress.

We’re in full on escapist mode this month with beer and travel content from North America, Europe, and Asia. We’ve got a fascinating article about Gose beer’s fall from grace and subsequent resurrection in its adopted hometown of Leipzig, Germany. We’ve also dug deep into Singapore’s craft beer scene, studied how to drink beer in Amsterdam, and profiled London Ontario’s swiftly changing beer offerings.

And we’ll leave you with this: we are a collaborative community of beer loving content creators at Prostly. If you are a brewer, beer writer, or plain old beer enthusiast, we’d love to connect with you. After all, beer is the ultimate social experience, except if it’s February and too cold to venture outside – then it’s a solo activity.


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