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Today, the day we release the seventh edition of Prostly, is a special one for us. Not only is it Canada Day, it’s the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, when six provinces came together to form the Dominion of Canada.

While Prostly typically features stories about beer from around the world, written by authors on (almost) every continent, Canada is our home. And we’ll take any excuse to celebrate and showcase how great we think it (and its beer) is. With humility, of course. So for this July 1st issue all content is exclusively Canadian, written by Canadians. It’s a total humble brag.

Our cornerstone post to mark #Canada150 an infographic featuring 150 Canadian breweries to visit during Canada’s 150th. To create this we became acquainted with every brewery across our very large country – around 700 in total. While to some this figure may seem small, consider that Canada has 10% of the population of the US, which according to the Brewers Association reached 5,300 breweries nationwide in May of this year. I’d say we’re doing pretty well.

In trying to whittle the number down to 150, which was difficult to say the least, some interesting stats were brought to the surface. Canada’s smallest provinces and territories have the greatest concentration of breweries per capita: PEI and Nova Scotia have about one brewery per 30,000 residents, while the Yukon, with its two breweries, beats both with one brewery per 19,000 inhabitants. And the province with the worst representation by far is Manitoba, with 130,000 citizens per brewery, though Alberta and Ontario are higher than most.

This issue also features a beer guide to Canada’s capital, where Dominion City’s Josh McJannett takes us around town to his favourite spots in Ottawa. He’s got some truly local tips on where to find the best espresso, burgers, books and, of course, beer when you’re in town.

Prostly writer Madeline recently fled the sweltering heat of Toronto for the breezy shores of Prince Edward County. While visiting the well known wine region, she ventured off-the-beaten-path to give you a game plan for drinking your way through the region.

Next up is a profile of the newly established Norse Brewing in Parry Sound, Ontario. Just north of Muskoka, the cottaging capital of Canada, J.P. Nikota interviews the multi-generational family who’ve combined their unique skills in opening up the town’s only craft brewery.

And finally, we come full circle back to Dominion City Brewing Co in Ottawa, which was founded on Canada’s unique heritage and cultural identity. Lauren gives readers the lowdown on this impressive brewery that’s contributing to its community and making very good beer at the same time.

Well that’s it for this month’s edition of Prostly. Our eighth issue will drop in early August and will feature beer experiences, stories, guides and breweries from around the world. And we’ll try to tone it down on the Canadian stuff (for a little while at least).


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