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Beer; its everyone’s favourite travel companion. Whether you’re settling in for a day at Oktoberfest, sunbathing in Maya Bay, or trekking through the highlands of Lesotho, you can bet that the perfect beer will be close by. On nearly every corner of the planet, people come together around beer. Its a part of our collective history and its a reflection of local culture, taste and tradition. You could call it the ubiquitous unifier…but that’s hard to say after a few pints.

Beer is also a reason to travel in and of itself as new craft styles, breweries and bars lure travellers to unlikely towns and urban centres alike in search of the perfect blend of product, people and place.

Four years ago, when we launched our sister site Departful, we were looking to create a platform for travel writers to share helpful travel tips from incredible places around the world. It was a site founded over pints, built (with little prior experience) on the backs of a bottle or two, and one that now features tons of articles written in cafes, on patios and in pubs around the world. Given the important role of beer in creating Departful, it was no surprise that beer began to drive our travels and seep into our content.

Through Departful, we covered many of Germany’s iconic beer festivals, including Oktoberfest on more than one occasion; we road tripped through Belgium to pick up some Westvleteren 12; we explored the now booming Italian craft beer scene, and we continuously made it our mission to highlight great bars and festivals no matter where we were travelling. What we didn’t expect was how many people were out there looking for content that bridged the worlds of travel and beer.

While Departful got the ball rolling, we knew it wasn’t the right platform to dive deeper on the beers, bars, breweries and festivals that so many people travel the world to hunt down. Today, we’re super excited to welcome you to the first issue of Prostly, a new online magazine that we hope will do just that.

Unlike many online publications, Prostly will feel a little more like a good old fashioned magazine. We’ll be publishing new articles together periodically as issues, and you’ll see the design and layout of Prostly change with each one. You can also get each issue in your inbox by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, or follow the travels of our contributors live on Instagram.

With that, prost and enjoy!

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