Winking Seal Beer Co. Brings a Pop of Color to Saigon’s Beer Scene

Great beer is always a treat, though great beer in a cool and colorful setting, alongside mini pulled pork sliders is something to write home about. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Welcome to the Winking Seal Beer Co. Living in Vietnam, I found…

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Prince Edward County Beer Wine Whiskey

Beer, Wine and Whiskey in Ontario’s Prince Edward County

When it comes to famous wine regions in Canada, the Okanagan in British Columbia and the Niagara region in southwest Ontario take the lion's share of notoriety amongst travelers and drinkers alike. While these regions receive hoards of crowds during…

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A Behind the Scenes Look at Launching a Brewery in Vietnam with East West Brewing Co.

What does it take to open a new craft brewery? And open one in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? And be the first with both a complete brewing operation and fully functioning restaurant on site? Not to mention, what does it take to actually…

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Singapore Craft Beer Guide - Level33

Singapore and Craft Beer are a Match Made in Heaven

When you think about Singapore, images of an idyllic metropolis likely come to mind; maybe the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, or one of the many Michelin star rated restaurants. Perhaps your thoughts go to rooftop…

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Inside the Burgeoning Saigon Craft Beer Scene

First things first - I love all types of beer. I worked in marketing for a large Canadian beer company for nearly six years. Friends know it’s not uncommon for me to actually bring my favorite beers around the world with me when I travel, going as…

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