Prostly Issue #7: The #Canada150 Edition

Today, the day we release the seventh edition of Prostly, is a special one for us. Not only is it Canada Day, it’s the 150th...

Prince Edward County Beer Wine Whiskey

Beer, Wine and Whiskey in Ontario’s Prince Edward County

When it comes to famous wine regions in Canada, the Okanagan in British Columbia and the Niagara region in southwest Ontario take the...

Norse Brewery: The Family Beer

The folks at Norse brewery don’t want to focus on first names. They’re a family unit. Every single one of the Rogozhkins is a founding...

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A Warm Welcome to Bellwoods Brewery’s New Toronto Location

It’s Halloween. A man donning a shark mask jumps from a ledge on a construction site, straddling a...

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Talllinn Craft Beer Weekend

Prostly Issue #6: New Beer in the Old Country

Prostly’s sixth edition is here, which means it’s our half birthday. We’ll forgive you if your gift is late, or if it doesn’t ever arrive we’ll assume that all the delicious beer our lovely readers have sent us has been confiscated at the border. It’s the thought that counts. But you do owe us. #guiltbeer. This edition of Prostly features craft beer in Europe front and centre. For centuries, Europe has been the reining superpower of beer. Throughout the years,...

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Berlin Beer List - Street at Night

The Berlin Beer List: Touching Down & Tapping into Local Insight

As the wheels hit the pavement my heart skips a beat. I’ve travelled here without a plan to discover a place I’ve always wanted to go. Berlin. I’m here for you and I’m so keen to explore you through your beer. After a long wait in the cabbie queue I find myself racing down the Autobahn 100km an hour in the pitch black of night to our Airbnb. My colleague, illuminated by the glow of her phone in the darkness of the backseat, searches for the directions to our new home for the next three...

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Tenerife Craft Beer Tacoa

Tenerife’s Local Secret to Great Craft Beer

Tenerife Craft Beer and Tacoa Brewery: A dangerous operation begins on the largest archipelago of the Canary Islands, where two daring souls devise a plan…

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Helsinki Beer Guide: Pubs, Breweries & Restaurants for Beer Geeks

In just a few years, Helsinki’s leisure scene has developed tremendously. Today, the city praised for its safety, tidiness and efficiency has plenty to offer: big seaside pools and saunas in the heart of the city, interesting local, Nordic and international cuisine, and thriving local entrepreneurship throughout several industries like distilleries, art, design and fashion. And craft beer.

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Vilnius Beer Guide Prohibicija

Prostly Issue #5: On the Edge of Tradition & Innovation

Well here we are again, now with our fifth edition of this passion project of ours called Prostly. In this month’s issue, we’re keen on highlighting the intricate balance between tradition and innovation in the ever evolving world of beer. The influence of the global craft beer movement is unprecedented, and what seems like every city, town, village and community is getting in on the action. This is great for many reasons; the opening of an industry that was formerly monopolistic has...

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Mexican Beers Victoria Caguama

Mexican Beer: A Look at Mexico’s Beer Scene from Traditional to Craft

Mexico has never been particularly renowned for its beer. Sure, many of us can’t deny Corona as one of our first segues into beer, likely attracted by the perceived sophistication of the lime into bottle technique, which often resulted in disaster for first timers. Or every time for those like me. Alongside Corona, over the past two decades Mexican brands proliferated our bars and liquor stores, making the country one of the largest producers of beer in the world. And despite making a lot...

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