Fort Lauderdale Craft Beer: Bars, Breweries and Bottle Shops You Shouldn’t Miss in South Florida

Fort Lauderdale is a microcosm of the weird and wonderful. Its beautiful beaches have for decades attracted hoards of spring breakers,…

From Plantation to Porter: West Indies Beer Co’s Chocolate Mongoose

Located on the southern tip of the island in Lance aux Épines, West Indies Beer Co. came on the scene in 2014 and was the first new brewery…

Cologne Beer Guide: The Water is Good in the Land of Kölsch

In their famous and tongue-in-cheek Cologne folk song 'Dat Wasser vun Kölle' the band Bläck Fööss points out that the water of the city is…

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Frenchtown Brewing: Resilient Beer in Post-Hurricane St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

After a year in business on the tropical island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, Frenchtown…

Prostly Magazine - Beer Guides, Tips and Trips.
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Prostly Magazine - Beer Guides, Tips and Trips.
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Prostly Issue #10: The Cozy Pub Edition

Welcome beer drinkers to this month's edition of Prostly, where we're sharing stories and experiences from our beer-infused travels. It's our tenth issue (double digits!) and the second last of 2017 as the year rapidly comes to a close. For those…

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Toronto Goes Dutch with Borrel – Canada’s First Brown Cafe

Toronto is one of the world's most diverse and cosmopolitan cities, welcoming people from every corner of the planet and with them a seemingly endless selection of delicious dishes, drinks and authentic establishments to serve both. It's a reality…

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Icelandic Beer Reykjavik Beer Guide

Borg Brugghús: An Introduction to the Reykjavik Craft Beer Scene At Skúli

My eyes are drooping, my reactions delayed, my mood delirious. After an early morning arrival into Reykjavik, the trade off for a questionably cheap flight, I'm trying hard not to think about the fact that I've been up for over 24 hours, or do the…

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Montreal Craft Beer Guide

Montreal Craft Beer Guide: An Entry Point to Quebec’s World-Class Beer Scene

Quebec has long been a beacon for beer enthusiasts from across Canada and around the world, with acclaimed breweries like Le Trou du Diable, Dieu Du Ciel!, Brasseurs du Monde and La Voie Maltée claiming top prizes at North American and international…

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A Dublin Beer Guide: Where to Drink with the Locals

Dublin and its citizens are quite possibly the most famous in the world for enjoying a beer. It used to be a reputation we didn’t look too kindly upon as it would outshine our many other attributes: one of the very best capitals to enjoy ancient…

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Oktoberfest Tents Guide

Prostly Issue #9: The Festival Issue

Welcome beer drinkers from far and wide to the latest edition of Prostly, a magazine that fuses our two greatest loves - beer and travel. As the title of our ninth issue implies, we're focused on beer festivals this month - and more specifically…

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2018 German Beer Festival Guide and Infographic

As travellers who love to drink (or is that drinkers who love to travel?), we’ve long thought of the German beer festival as the ultimate destination. Over the years as we’ve traversed Germany, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many of the…

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Stuttgart Cannstatter Volksfest

Stuttgart’s Cannstatter Volksfest: Germany’s Other Epic Beer Festival

Oktoberfest has been enticing overzealous beer drinkers from far and wide to Munich for decades. Though 200 kilometers away, held during the same time, also originated out of a royal marriage, and with a similar focus on beer, another festival takes…

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Oktoberfest Tents Guide

A Tour of Oktoberfest Tents at Germany’s Most Popular Beer Festival

Oh, Oktoberfest. The holy grail of beer experiences is why bucket lists exist. For many, attending Munich’s infamous beer fest is an accomplishment on par with one’s graduation, wedding, or the birth of a child. It’s an event that will leave you…

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Budapest Beer Guide- Léhűtő

Where to Drink Craft Beer with the Locals in Budapest

Traditionally, Hungary is not a land of beer. Hungarians rather consider themselves a wine nation and, of course, the home of pálinka. Despite this, Hungary is often among the top thirty countries by beer consumption.

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Prostly Issue #8: Beer Here, There, Everywhere

Grab a seat & pop open a beer as Prostly's eighth issue has dropped. As the summer winds down we're back to featuring beers, bars and breweries from around the globe that'll inspire you to explore the world around you. Whether that means jumping on…

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Winking Seal Beer Co. Brings a Pop of Color to Saigon’s Beer Scene

Great beer is always a treat, though great beer in a cool and colorful setting, alongside mini pulled pork sliders is something to write home about. So that's exactly what I'm doing. Welcome to the Winking Seal Beer Co. Living in Vietnam, I found…

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St. Petersburg Beer Guide: Craft Beer Revolution in the City of Revolutions

St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city and the former imperial capital, eternally besmirched by my presence, happens to possess an extensive beer scene. This can perhaps be explained through geography and history. North of Europe is not ripe…

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The Dominion is Strong: Dominion City Brewing’s Capital Craft

There is perhaps no name more fitting for a brewery in Canada's capital than Dominion City. For those of you who aren't Canadian, or didn't pay much attention in history class, Canada's official title, coined 150 years ago when the British North…

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The Headwaters are Brewing: Escape Toronto on this Craft Beer and Cider Day Trip

When my friend James pitched the idea of a brewery tour around Caledon and the Headwaters area, I admit I was skeptical. Despite my love for all things craft beer, my knowledge of brewing geography remains decidedly urban. Toronto, Vancouver,…

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The Berlin Beer List: An Epic Day Exploring the City’s Best Beer Spots

When I last left off in the first-parter of this series, we had just been given the gift that all traveling beer lovers cherish - a list of Berlin's top beer spots compiled by three expats all making waves in the city's evolving beer scene. We now…

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Prostly Issue #7: The #Canada150 Edition

Today, the day we release the seventh edition of Prostly, is a special one for us. Not only is it Canada Day, it's the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation, when six provinces came together to form the Dominion of Canada. While Prostly…

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A Weekend of Beer in Ottawa with Dominion City’s Josh McJannett

Originally selected as Canada’s capital in a compromise by a Queen across an ocean who would never visit in person, Ottawa spent much of the last 150 years shaking off the impression (deep-seated amongst our fellow Canadians) that it was a backwood…

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