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On the Hunt for Gose Beer in Germany at Leipzig’s Bayerischer Bahnhof

Prostly spent a blissful day touring the Bayerischer Bahnhof Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei with Master Brewer Matthias Richter. Let’s set the scene with a bit of background on this historical brewery. It starts at the train station. All aboard!

Amsterdam Beer Brouwerij 't IJ

Amsterdam Beer Guide: The Best Breweries, Brown Cafes, Beer Bars and Bottle Shops

The Amsterdam beer scene has more to offer than the Heineken Experience. A look at the best Amsterdam beer bars, brown cafes, breweries, and bottle shops.

Prostly Issue #3: Drinkin’ Till Spring

Prostly’s third issue is here, just in time to distract you from the depressing things that...

Singapore Craft Beer Guide - Level33

Singapore and Craft Beer are a Match Made in Heaven

When you think about Singapore, images of an idyllic metropolis likely come to mind; maybe the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel, the futuristic...

Modern Bootlegging in the Headwaters

During prohibition years, Grand Valley thrived as a hub for brewing unique and distinctive beverages. Now after years of decline and...

London ON Craft Beer - Anderson Brewing

London, Ontario: The Economics of Craft Beer in a Mid-Sized Market

For decades, London, Ontario’s beer market was dominated by the largest brewing company in Canada: Labatt. And Labatt is a subsidiary of...

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Prostly Issue #2: Raising a Glass to the Year Ahead

Welcome to the second issue of Prostly. After kicking things off this past fall, we’re excited to gear up for a busy 2017 featuring the best beers, bars, and breweries from around the world. This is important for two reasons: first, the craft beer scene is exploding in so many unexpected places and more travelers than ever are planning trips to tap into the experience; second, 2017 is sure to deliver on all of that 2016 craziness and we’re going to need a lot of friendship-forming,...

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Four Days in Franconia: A Guide to Germany’s Beer Trail

We spent a week on Germany’s iconic beer trail, in the Franconia region of northern Bavaria.

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A Hamilton Brewery Tour with Nickel Brook’s Matt Gibson

While Toronto may seem like the craft brewery capital of Ontario at the moment, one would be short-sighted to restrict their beer choices to the GTA alone. In small towns all over the province, creative brewers are at work coming up with the next crop of unique and incredible beers. Once-dying industrial cities are experiencing a resurgence of young businesses moving in, with many breweries transforming abandoned warehouses, factories, churches and schools into bustling community hubs. At the...

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Inside the Burgeoning Saigon Craft Beer Scene

First things first – I love all types of beer. I worked in marketing for a large Canadian beer company for nearly six years. Friends know it’s not uncommon for me to actually bring my favorite beers around the world with me when I travel, going as far as tipping service staff in foreign brews. I believe there is no greater sin than dirty draught lines. You get it. Imagine my surprise, or rather sheer delight, when within 24 hours of landing in Saigon (or known by its newer name Ho Chi...

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Craft beer in Gwangju: Korea’s evolving taste for Mekju

The craft beer scene in the southern Korean city of Gwangju is growing rapidly, thanks in large part to beer aficionado Timi, who owns a beer (mekju) bar named Timi Triangle: a Sandwich & Craft Beer bar. Timi’s love of craft beer has brought about a change of scenery in the city, where once it was nearly impossible to find unique international beers. And that change has been welcomed in Gwangju.

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Four European Winter Beer Traditions Worth Skipping Your Family Christmas For

There are a few things that are hard to escape during the holiday season: kitschy Christmas music, resolution-inducing festive foods, and of course, family. Thankfully there’s alcohol, which makes all of the above slightly more bearable. While classic holiday beverages like mulled wine and eggnog have long been seasonal go-tos, several winter beer varieties have been growing in popularity, blending traditional festive flavour profiles and long-standing local tradition with a growing...

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