Brauhaus Bönnsch Beer Germany

A Beer for Class at Brauhaus Bönnsch in Bonn, Germany

Sitting at Brauhaus Bönnsch in former capital Bonn, under a blue sky of angels floating in the clouds, near old Germans gagging on about...

Vilnius Beer Guide Alaus pirkliai

Vilnius Beer Guide: Diving Into the Sea of Beer

Attachment to a single city might seem dull, but living almost a decade in Vilnius has taught me something – a sense for good beer. Both...

Bagging Beers: A Guide for Buying Beers on Your Travels

Before I started to drink beer, I started working in beer. Sometimes, as we all know, situation and circumstance mean that you find yourself...

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A Warm Welcome to Bellwoods Brewery’s New Toronto Location

It’s Halloween. A man donning a shark mask jumps from a ledge on a construction site, straddling a...

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Vilnius Beer Guide Prohibicija

Prostly Issue #5: On the Edge of Tradition & Innovation

Well here we are again, now with our fifth edition of this passion project of ours called Prostly. In this month’s issue, we’re keen on highlighting the intricate balance between tradition and innovation in the ever evolving world of beer. The influence of the global craft beer movement is unprecedented, and what seems like every city, town, village and community is getting in on the action. This is great for many reasons; the opening of an industry that was formerly monopolistic has...

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Prostly Issue #4: Precedent Setting Brewers

Welcome to Prostly’s fourth issue. This month we’re excited to feature a few forward thinking brewers who are setting a new precedent for beer in their communities; some disrupting already crowded markets, and others, putting a stake in the ground to bring new styles and flavours to places where the idea of craft beer has yet to take root. These forward thinking brewers are not only following their passion, but setting the trends and benchmarks as they go that subsequent brewers will...

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The Land of Fire and Icelandic Beer: A Guide to Craft Beer in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the heart of the Icelandic beer scene; one that has encountered tremendous growth in recent years, an especially impressive feat as beer was outlawed here until 1989. These days, microbreweries and beer bars are popping up all around town, and the inevitable spread to the countryside is well underway.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at Launching a Brewery in Vietnam with East West Brewing Co.

What does it take to open a new craft brewery? And open one in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? And be the first with both a complete brewing operation and fully functioning restaurant on site? Not to mention, what does it take to actually brew quality craft beer in Southeast Asia? “It all started with yogurt actually”, joked Loc Truong, East West Brewing Co. General Manager and one of its four founding partners. Turns out he wasn’t joking.

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London ON Craft Beer - Anderson Brewing

London, Ontario: The Economics of Craft Beer in a Mid-Sized Market

For decades, London, Ontario’s beer market was dominated by the largest brewing company in Canada: Labatt. And Labatt is a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev. London loved its local beer giant, and efforts by smaller Toronto-based breweries to make inroads in the London market fizzled. Then, in a sudden three-year span, four craft breweries opened in town. Why did it take so long for specialty suds to emerge locally?

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On the Hunt for Gose Beer in Germany at Leipzig’s Bayerischer Bahnhof

Prostly spent a blissful day touring the Bayerischer Bahnhof Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei with Master Brewer Matthias Richter. Let’s set the scene with a bit of background on this historical brewery. It starts at the train station. All aboard!

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