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Welcome to the second issue of Prostly. After kicking things off this past fall, we’re excited to gear up for a busy 2017 featuring the best beers, bars, and breweries from around the world. This is important for two reasons: first, the craft beer scene is exploding in so many unexpected places and more travelers than ever are planning trips to tap into the experience; second, 2017 is sure to deliver on all of that 2016 craziness and we’re going to need a lot of friendship-forming, resilience-building, laughter-inducing beer to get through it.

Regardless of pending global chaos, our globe-trotting contributors are committed to exploring, documenting and sharing the best travel tips for beer lovers, from the novice to the cicerone, across every continent where beer is brewed. And our second issue is certainly a start. In it, we feature new city guides for Kulmbach, Bayreuth, Erlangen and Nuremberg, all part of Germany’s Beer Trail in Franconia; for Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam; and for Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario. We’ve also shared a short interview with a South Korean beer lover named Timi about his mission to bring craft beer to Gwangju. Finally, we’ve launched a new section on our site called Half Pints, which features short, photo-heavy posts from our contributors live from road.

In the year ahead, we’ll be exploring new places and sharing it all here. For Europe, Iceland, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, and the pre-Brexit UK are in the pipeline among others. South Africa and Lesotho are too, along with lots of booming beer hubs across Asia. Throughout, we’ll make sure to highlight as many great bars and breweries from across Canada and the US as we can.

But what we’re most excited about in 2017 is growing a community of writers, photographers, videographers and all-round beer enthusiasts who are keen to share their tips and perspectives on Prostly. If you’re interested in joining us, give us a shout.

2017 is bound to be an eventful year in terms of new beer trends, emerging markets, and of course, global affairs. So grab a glass and take it all in with us. It’s bound to be an interesting one.


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