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Prostly’s sixth edition is here, which means it’s our half birthday. We’ll forgive you if your gift is late, or if it doesn’t ever arrive we’ll assume that all the delicious beer our lovely readers have sent us has been confiscated at the border. It’s the thought that counts. But you do owe us. #guiltbeer.

This edition of Prostly features craft beer in Europe front and centre. For centuries, Europe has been the reining superpower of beer. Throughout the years, generations and generations of beer drinkers in every corner of the globe have held European beer on a pedestal. After all, it’s the continent that gave us all star styles like Pilsners, Stouts and Lambics among many others. But over the past few decades, the growing influence of craft beer has shifted focus onto other nations, particularly the US.

More and more new brewers are popping up throughout Europe, following in the footsteps of pioneers like BrewDog and Mikkeller. These craft brewers are often borne from the passion of locals who want to create something unique and leave their mark, while tapping into the creative and cultural heritage inherent in many European countries.

All of this issue’s articles delve deep into the craft beer phenomenon that has permeated Europe, as it has much of the world. From the sun drenched island of Tenerife to the capital of Germany, we’re on the ground seeking out local beer haunts and taste testing dozens of craft brews in the process to give you the lowdown. You’re welcome.

Local beer geek Antti takes us to Helsinki’s top beer bars, breweries and eateries in Finland’s capital. From traditional Finnish pubs to modern breweries and international brewpubs, it’ll make you want to pack up and head there now. But if you’re reading this in January – maybe hold that thought.

Further south, Shay, who always seems to be in some tropical island paradise, reports on the unique creation of a local Tenerife craft brewery who went to new heights (I couldn’t resist) to incorporate local ingredients in their beers.

In the first of a three part series on Berlin, Aynsley describes her all-nighter introduction to the city’s beer scene and how much better your beer travels will be if you seek out tips and recommendations from those in the know. Stay tuned for the next instalments on Berlin’s dynamic craft beer scene.

Šarūnas, who might’ve had the most difficult assignment of all, fills us in on the third annual Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend. The Baltic’s largest craft beer festival was a winner with 44 breweries on hand and over 350 boundary pushing beers to sample. Let’s all commit to go together in 2018, ok?

That’s a wrap on Europe, at least for now. If you’re passionate about exploring the beer world around you, drop us a line. We’re always eager to connect with other beer enthusiasts. First round’s on us.

Prost! Salud! Kippis! Terviseks!

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